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San Francisco is as beautiful as ever. I hope you all get to experience this city at some point.
Pro tip: remember a jacket


hmm rule/one is a combination pen and ruler . back the kickstarter campaign.very clever design for a helpful tool good tool fordrafters and artists

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Luma Grothe shot by Billy Kidd


Luma Grothe shot by Billy Kidd

“I learned that people can easily forget that others are human.”
"Prisoner" from the Stanford Prison Experiment (1971)

Driving to San Francisco tonight after work. I’m so excited


Karborn - Evidence of Time Travel



Chinese Firm 3D Prints 10 Homes in 24 Hours | Via

Chinese companies have been known to build major real-estate projects very quickly. Now, one company is taking it to a new extreme.

Suzhou-based construction-materials firm Winsun New Materials says it has built 10 200-square-meter homes using a gigantic 3-D printer that it spent 20 million yuan ($3.2 million) and 12 years developing.

Such 3-D printers have been around for several years and are commonly used to make models, prototypes, plane parts and even such small items as jewelry. The printing involves an additive process, where successive layers of material are stacked on top of one another to create a finished product.

Winsun’s 3-D printer is 6.6 meters (22 feet) tall, 10 meters wide and 150 meters long, the firm said, and the “ink” it uses is created from a combination of cement and glass fibers. In a nod to China’s green agenda, Winsun said in the future it plans to use scrap material left over from construction and mining sites to make its 3-D buildings.

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